What the Funk? Make it Do What?

A tour de force of funk and hip hop grooves “Make It Do What It Do” was produced by Gemini Jay with Mark Campayno adding smouldering lead and rhythm guitars. Check out the insane runs and legato playing 1:58.

The irresitible groove and infectious vocalizations (my favorite being “turnaround” right before the bridge at 2:40) make for a listening experience that will have you jamming in your seat. I should tell you that this is not candy music. It’s real, fun, uplifting, motivating, not made for or by poser musicians looking to turn three or four rotating chords into easy money. This is music that speaks from the street. The streets of life, hard life, tough and sometimes brutal relationships that burn inside a musician that when released turn into music that grips the soul and fires the senses.

The track starts out with a syn/bass riff that serves notice that these dudes mean business! When Gemini hits the verse things begin to explode with guitar and organ riffs blazing that are reminiscent of something new on the horizon. Could it be? These men are bringing fun back to music? Real groove returning to a groove-starved population. Maybe the beginning of a new funk? Maybe Bruno was right? Uptown Funk is for real? It surely is on this track.

There is no doubt that this pair have a magic all their own when they get together to make music. Gemini produces the track, Mark listens, rips and returns the music to Gemini. Simple right? Yes, for them. But they understand each other. They don’t really tell each other what to do. They just do it. That’s what you call real music.

Both musicians are located in Southern Maryland and Northern Virginia areas respectively. After this release they will surely continue in this vein producing more of their urban insanity. By the way they are both available for tours and gigs.

Check out their other work on SoundCloud and elsewhere. But for your safety I’d stand up for this one! It is the hit!


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