Allan Inspires – How to Create a Young Mozart in Your Home

Allan Inspires – How to Create a Young Mozart in Your Home

Produced and conceived by Mark Jeffery Campayno

The Story:
This is a very brief look into the musical life of a young student. Allan started playing guitar at a very young age and since that time he has moved on to at least 19 other instruments. If that weren’t enough he studies performance and guitar at my studio, for his high school, and for the Loudoun Youth Orchestra

Allan is one of those musicians who was gifted with the innate knowledge of how to transfer musical systems from one instrument to the next. It’s an intuitive gift that most musicians would die for. But, at its core, Allan is benefitted greatly by incredible parental support and encouragement. This, in my opinion, is one of the strongest indicators of future musical mastery.

Parents, if you have a child who is currently studying an instrument you are part of the process. To let a young musician on his own for all but one hour of a week to deal with the complex physical and mental aspects of musical training is to cut the success rate down to under 20%. Please realize the power you have over your young students future. It’s not an option. You must take at least 30 minutes out of your day to patiently sit and work with your child.

I hear ya…it doesn’t matter that you know nothing about music! Shut off the television, turn off the video games (yes, some of you adults are as bad as the kids), and discover the incredible accomplishment that your child can feel through musical performance.

What is the alternative? Your child hanging out on the street with “friends”, or sitting in front of a computer screen for hours becoming the best video game player in the neighborhood? I ask that your take a moment a realize just how important musical involvement is and how enriching it can be to life. Not only that, you may just find yourself wanting to become a part of it:)

Thank you for your support!


One thought on “Allan Inspires – How to Create a Young Mozart in Your Home

  1. That is a really good video. I had a terrible home life when I was learning guitar at 17, but I had a mentor, who was my guitar teacher. The support and encouragement he gave me helped me to learn music and also to survive what I was going though at home, even though I never told him about it.

    It is the best thing for the parents to be involved, but your role as a teacher can be very meaningful, especially to kids who do not supportive home lives.

    I have had many students over the years, both classroom and private. I tried to remember that every word that I said to a teenager, had an impact. If you are positive and build their self esteem, it can have effects that last a lifetime.

    Much love,

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