XXXTentacion “Indecision” Guitar Tutorial and Guitar Pro Score.

“Indecision” by the 19 year old rapper XXXTentacion is easily one of the most angry displays of angst and rage that’s come from an artist in years. This is “real feel”. Of course, the reasons are well-known by fans and foes alike. But, one thing is unmistakeable, the troubled teen is one clever musician as he knows how to creat a vibe that gets traction and respect.

The music is much the same as the falling chromatic bass line in this dark-minor dirge drags you into a world of his making. One where the guitar becomes a willing ally in misery revenge.

The guitar part is not difficult to perform technically, but the vibe is. It’s a one shot ode to life in the life of crime and swagger. Sounding “very” improvised this short but potent part is fun to play as one can feign anger and injustice from the perspective of, “Hey, glad it’s not my life, but I can pretend.”

Use a messy sounding light overdrive setting but hit the strings like the hours are counting down and the bill is due. You can then unashamedly drench the guitar solos in reverb and play with feeling.

“Indecision” Electric Guitar Tutorial

“Indecision” Guitar Tab


Ayala (Outro) XXXTENTATION Guitar Tutorial

The new album by controversial rapper XXXTENTATION is full of surprises. You wouldn’t recognize him if you know anything about his past releases.

This song is both lyrical and downright gripping. Who else could mix acousitic guitar and piano with such minimalist skill than X.

Then there are the lyrics…

Ohh, ahh, ahh

She showed me the thing love can’t forget

How we fell in love, ohh

I made a list of my regrets

And you were first love, ohh

Oh it hurts, I can’t forget

How we fell in love

Made a list of my regrets …

It would be great if X keeps on this track.

Here is the guitar pro score and video for anyone wanting to play a duo or (if converted a bit) solo arrangement/accompaniment to Ayalya (Outro).

I may tweak the tab a bit more to finish up a couple loose ends.



Alana (Outro) Tutorial