“From the Mouths of Enlightened Musicians”

The musical world according to a young visionary.

When I set out to put together my weekly radio show with three female musicians I had no idea how it would fly. Well, it flew just fine thank you. The final segment was pKiaya2lanned to be an interview/review of a double-release by the band, Silver and Moonlight. However, and as a great surprise to me, the interview segment blossomed into an exhaustive analysis of music making, improvisation, the inner workings of band live and composition, and a look into the mind of a gifted and artistic young lady…I would dare say a modern, artistic renaissance woman.


A little background:

Kiaya Abernathy is a vocalist, lyricist, multi-instrumentalist, spectacular visual artist, and a very creative photographer. If that isn’t enough, she’s strong-willed, perceptive, and enlightened. That would all be understandable if she were in her forties, but if you take off a decade aKiayand a have you are closer to the truth.
Kiaya is dedicated to bringing to the masses art in all of its expression. In this interview, she speaks for all of us who struggle to bring forth creative and meaningful music into a world where sameness and commercial gain eclipse meaning and foresight.



As you listen to Kiaya speak about her band, her father, her ideas, and her hopes for the future, think of the way things could be. The way music would change if her worldview were a reality. If music were set free from the chains of what has to be.

Listen here:

The Interview


Check out the 31 song double album release by Silver and Moonlight:

Stars Shining Bright and Loon Call are here:

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It’s Time…To Deal…with…School Violence…Once and for All…for All.

It’s time…to deal…with…School Violence…once and for all…for ALl.

With almost weekly reports of school violence in the United States, it’s becoming clear that the problem is Nschool_violenceOT going away anytime soon. Without swift and direct action just to get up to a defensive position in this never-ending battle, action is needed from the community at large. This means out-of-comfort-zone time for those brave enough to accept this challenge.

Open dialogue between parents and students is the most glaring need. But, the community must first put pressure on schools to stop “walking the other way” when “unpleasant” necessary action is in order. Without enthusiastic desire and an open and trusting relationship, this merging of two potential powerhouses will fade away and the violence will go unchecked as our desire to deal with it at all will becomes buried in malaise and denial.

I have decided and am as of now beginning a campaign that will assist in the nationwide effort to rid our public schools of the worst crisis in its history. My organization will be named Step Up and Act, and will begin by collecting and disseminating information to and about local school districts in the Northern Virginia, Washington DC, and Southern Maryland areas. My organization will be a place of information and conflict resolution ideas that can be implemented in local school anviolence1d community organizations. The ultimate goal will be to assist and actively participate in anti-violence and conflict resolution implementation in school districts nationwide.

Why is this necessary? Why another program? Because the problem is outgrowing our ability to handle it. The only solution will come from inside the school buildings themselves. From the very individuals who are involved. Open dialogue can and will go a long way in educating all in positive conflict resolution leading to wider violence curbing measures.

More details will be forthcoming as will more public service messages like this one. Time is not kind to us now. We are in the crisis, and it shows no sign of abating.

Mark Jeffery Campayno