MarcusGtr | “She Dreams, She Loves”

via MarcusGtr | Free Listening on SoundCloud.

This is a good example of being ready to move away from preconceived ideas and methods of playing on the guitar. Unfortunately, guitarists tend to develop “comfort zones” in their playing that can become crutches inhibiting true creativity. Not that there is anything wrong with planning ahead and sticking with the script, but being ready to move into an area you hadn’t planned can keep your music alive and relevant.

But, it takes a certain amount of openness, which is directly tied to your musical preference, background, and technique. Typically, we get lost in the technical expression more than anything. We tend to shy aways from things that require struggle and time. We want things now, today…the immediacy of “I don’t want to wait” is death in musical expression, composition, and especially performance. The effort required to refine a technique can become a block to forward movement especially when you want to compose a piece.

During this work, one innocent unplanned slur became the catalyst for the construction of the entire work. Lesson learned. Keep it real and don’t hold back from opening doors that lead you where you hadn’t planned on going.


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