Original Classical Guitar Composition

“The Temptation of Paradise” – Classical Guitar
Written and performed by Mark Jeffery Campayno


This work is by far my favorite in terms of it’s sound and it’s construction. I don’t remember consciously doing this but it has a logical rhythmic flow to it. The music starts out with a statement of the melody in between some very dense arpeggiated chords. I overdubbed harmonics during the work as a decorative effect. I hope you will forgive my preference such additions!

As the piece develops it gets much more dramatic and intense reachesing its peak at :45. Then at 1:06 it breaks away and the music takes a collective breath. As it begins its second climb back towards a peak in volume and dynamics I moved the sound to the middle of the spectrum for effect. Then at around 1:40 I go a little left of center to complete the cycle.

As the piece progresses I begin to use more slurring techniques to push the energy even more. These are slurring riffs that I’ve developed over the years. Many times they come out randomly and are basically done on the fly. Think of them as being “on call”.They are not easy and the slight string noise I like as it is idiomatic of acoustic guitar music.

The piece ends with the harmonics that appeared originally at the beginning. A typical writing technique that tends to tie the piece together.



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