Anatomy of Improvised Guitar “Inner Life”

How does one begin to explain the emotions contained within such a piece of music? It’s not possible with mere words. If it were there would be no music. To this day, this song weighs heavy on my heart. Basically, the music was birthed on a Sunday afternoon with my son. Looking back, that day was telling. In a way, the power of God was present that day and it now seems that a message was being sent to me. After dropping my son off (the most painful moments of my life) I drove the usual three hours back home. I had no intention of recording anything as it was late and I was tired. Looking around the room I saw my old Aria acoustic guitar. I picked it up and the music began to flow. It was as if a force outside of myself compelled me to do so. I played a few minutes and then decided to record a little of it. The result will always be one of my most memorable acoustic pieces. The pain, regret, longing, and yes, remorse are evident in the music. Do I hear any ray of hope in it? Well, I’m looking still…


One thought on “Anatomy of Improvised Guitar “Inner Life”

  1. When our children are going in between the broken parents, it is extremely painful. Even if it is not our fault, we carry tremendous guilt about putting the child through the back and forth and we feel that we are not there for them enough.

    When we have our children, we have dreams and we believe that we will always be able to be there for them. It is mental torment when our partner causes things to end up differently than they should have.

    Forgiveness of ourselves and the understanding that we could not have really prevented things from going wrong, is the best thing…but much easier said than done.

    Your music is beautiful, but it is sad that our best music and poetry seem to come out of mental / emotional pain.

    It is the curse of the creative, intelligent person. Our spiritual core is open to sustain severe damage from people we let in.


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