Here is the chord chart with lyrics for Justin Bieber’s Ellen Show Performance:

The guitar part is in the upper-intermediate range. If you plan on playing it as I demonstrated it will take your typical folk strumming playing to new heights.

“Cold Water” – Acoustic Guitar Tutorial

Containing tap rhythms, a barre chords, and some very good pop rhythm sequences, “Cold Water” is well worth learning.

Here is your document!


Let me know if you have questions on the playing of this part.




  1. Hi mark from Italy I really like your channel and ur videos but I don’t understand the picking part of the first verse of Cold water Ellen acoustic can u help me please?

  2. I do not understand the picking at all. I really think you should slow down and clearly explain which notes you are picking and how you are picking them. It was similar for the fast car tutorial with strumming no clear explanation. Advanced guitar players might be able to pick it up but i feel if you are also targeting beginners you need to make it more basic. Still, appreciate the tutorial since they are cool songs to learn and no one else is teaching them. Please if you can try to explain the picking for example 6,4,3,2 strings together then 1st string followed by a smack.

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