Hozier “Like Real People Do” from the Barn on the Farm Sessions – Guitar Tab

I have transcribed the great Hozier song, “Like Real People Do” .

Here is a Guitar Pro score in PDF form for you to aid you in learning this wondeful guitar part:

“Like Real People Do” PDF Guitar Pro

I have used the version of  “Like Real People Do” that comes from Hozier’s live Barn on the Farm Sessions. Check out the video here:

Hozier “Like Real People Do” Barn on the Farm Sessions

The ending is a little tricky. I’ll have the completed section scored out for you soon. It’s not overly difficult but is a little tricky~!

Screenshot 2016-06-05 20.52.13

Here is Part 1 of my guitar tutorial of the song:



14 thoughts on “Hozier “Like Real People Do” from the Barn on the Farm Sessions – Guitar Tab

  1. Hi Mark, thank you for all your effort put into this song , video and tabs! I am stage 4 and the songs challenges paralleled with its unique sound gives me great joy. Thanks again for your positive energy – Tom

    1. Thank you Tom. That is really nice of you. Please let me know if you are needing help with any other songs. It will certainly be my pleasure.

  2. Hey so I’m trying to learn this song and I’m unable to look at the tabs for some reason, is there a pdf form of it perhaps?

      1. Thank you!! I tried to learn this song a couple months ago and it worked before, not sure why it doesn’t work now. But I absolutely love this song and the version that you you show!

      2. That’s awesome.
        I’ve also been thinking about doing a slower clear video.
        Actually, I almost made it today.
        I got you on this! I love it too!

      1. I’m alive. There might be civil unrest in my state, but there is none where I am. I am very grateful to be in a low population place.

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