Slur your way to guitar fitness!

Youtube Video for Exercise

The 1-2-4 Combination Exercise

Slurring Stringed instrument Slurs with the first, second, and fourth fingers is critical to your legato playing.

Go slowly at first making sure each movement is smooth and as effortless as possible.

Warning! If you begin to feel any pain at all, take a break.

Expect the conditioning to take up to a month for this type of slur! Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 10.47.25 PM

If you rush the process you may develop improper technique or

worse, cause un-needed injury.

Within each segment there is an ornament-like slur from the

4th to the 2nd finger. These two notes will be at twice the tempo of the section.doitagain
For example, within the quarter note section, there will be

two 1/8 notes. In the 1/8 note section two 1/16th notes,

and in the 1/16th note section two 1/32 notes.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 11.10.56 PM


4 thoughts on “Slur your way to guitar fitness!

  1. I use to play the clarinet a few years ago and I remember slurring although this is the first time I have heard of it used when playing a guitar. (I don’t get out much). When I get home today I am going to give it a try. You are truly a gifted teacher.

    1. Slurring on wind instruments is basically the same. On guitar it’s endemic to practically all music styles. It’s not hard but at first more clumsy than anything! Let me know how I can help Tammy Jo!

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